Proteus Advantages

Combine sales capability and deep technical knowledge in all the areas we are dealing with. Huge technical and sales background in IC’s and FPGA design and tools, DSP based system, telecom and networking architectures and applications and storage solutions.

We also act as technical advisor to our customers offering the best solutions and system architecture. Proteus Systems supports our customer in finding the best products and solutions fit the system architecture and spec.

We gave technical and commercial lectures and presentations in conferences and in front of our customers about how to choose SSD and Flash Storage products. There are >100 suppliers out of them >20 in the military/industrial and >20 in the storage areas. >30 form factors, >15 features in various NAND Flash technologies.

The presentation is for download from this Web site after registration.

Proteus Systems is ISO-9001:2008 approve. Our customer service activity is well appreciated by all of our customers.

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